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Kingsbridge Composting Roadshow

Sunday 30th April 2023

1pm to 3pm

Kingsbridge Recreation Ground

Free to attend

Thriving and fertile soil is crucial for healthy ecosystems and we can do our bit by composting at home - nourishing the earth and recycling organic matter in our own back gardens.

In this workshop, our facilitator Ben will share his love of all things to do with soil health and compost by demonstrating:

  • Different techniques to compost at home and exploring different scales of garden composting.

  • Solutions for food waste such as using a Bokashi system,

  • How to build a hot compost heap,

  • How to upcycle your redundant brown wheelie bins into useful new resources such as wormeries, water butts and compost bins,

  • Other methods of recycling and increasing soil fertility, such as wormeries and the benefits of biochar.

There will be plenty of opportunity to chat and ask questions, including conversation about community composting opportunities at town, neighbourhood or street level.

Come with plenty of questions and enjoy an afternoon spent outdoors and in community.

The workshop will be held at the Kingsbridge in Bloom compost site, next to the play park at the Kingsbridge Recreation Ground. We will be standing for much of the session so please feel free to bring a camping chair/stool with you if you may need to sit down. We will provide hot drinks during the session.

Our facilitator Ben Bryant is a Sustainable South Hams mentor with expertise in sustainable use of earth resources. He has a wealth of experience in composting, wild gardening and soil regeneration.

"The appreciation of living soils and supporting thriving microbiomes is essential for regenerating ecosystems and providing us nutritious food, better gut health and stronger immune systems. Putting organic content back into our soil is something we can all do readily to increase soil fertility. The compost heap is an incredible source of life, a real cornucopia. I believe raising awareness of the benefits of local composting is important to help support food production on all scales and to encourage sustainable and regenerative lifestyles. Nature recycles everything, may we learn from nature and play our part."

Find out more about Ben here


This event is a collaboration between Kingsbridge Climate Action, Devon Community Composting Network and Sustainable South Hams

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