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Explore our project pages using the links below to find out what Kingsbridge Climate Action are up to and how you can get involved.


Tackling the climate and nature crisis can feel overwhelming, complex and beyond the scope of one person, group, community, town or country. As a grassroots climate action group we are choosing to narrow our focus to projects that we can do right here in our beautiful town - small, doable solutions that we can achieve locally, as a community, that help reduce our carbon footprint and protect nature.


Our role as a climate action group is not to produce plans or strategy for getting Kingsbridge to net-zero. Our purpose is to create opportunities for achievable solutions, to keep climate and nature high on the public agenda, to normalise taking action for climate and nature,  to learn about and connect people to our local environment and to build community around the complex challenges we face. 


We are not afraid of difficult conversations about the changes we all to need make and we believe in the power of imaginative and creative thinking to dream up a new vision for a more sustainable and resilient town.


Remember to share your ideas and skills with us too, we are keen to see more projects and working groups set up to create positive change in our town.

Our Current Projects


Repair Cafe

A repairing and sharing hub for Kingsbridge, helping to reduce our carbon footprint, keep waste out of landfill and share skills within the community. 


Outreach and Events

Creating opportunities to learn about our local environment, showcase projects, connect our community and take practical action for climate and nature together.

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Friends of the Estuary

Providing a community voice for our estuary and all the biodiversity it supports

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Transition Streets

Bringing the community together, one street at a time. An award-winning project that brings neighbours together to reduce their carbon footprint and cost of living through taking practical action together.

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Pesticide Free Campaign

What can we do as a community to reduce the toxic chemical load that impacts the health of our soils, wildlife, waterways and ourselves?

Solar Panel


Sharing knowledge, expertise and resources around low carbon heating and home energy efficiency - helping to energise Kingsbridge for the future.

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Could your ideas become our next project?

We want to see more working groups set up taking action on projects for a more sustainable town.

We are set up with a constitution, bank account, a core committe and able to apply for funding. We would like to support anyone keen to take action for climate and nature in Kingsbridge. 

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