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Get Involved!

Kingsbridge 30Aug2020 Cycling for the Planet-005.jpg
Responding to the challenges we face will take all of us. It's never been more important to come together as a community to take action and find creative solutions to the climate and nature crises. There is so much we can do both as individuals and collectively.

At KCA we want to help build a connected and resilient community around climate and nature. Please come and be part of it!
Join one of our informal monthly meet ups to share ideas, find out what's happening locally and connect with community. Find out more about our next meet up here. Or get stuck in to action by joining an existing project or campaign. You can find lots of opportunities on our Take Action page.

Or, if you would like to chat about anything to one of our team, you can connect by emailing and one of us will get back to you.

Whatever it is that stirs you up  - whether its renewable energy, protecting vulnerable species, greener transport solutions or planting trees - that spark of inspiration is needed right now more than ever!

None of us can do this alone, but when we as individuals get together with vision and intention then we can bring about real change in our community and environment.  

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