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Imagining a Future Net-Zero Kingsbridge


"It's 2050 - Devon is net-zero - a lot has changed...What does this look like where you live?"

Net Zero Visions is a project from DCC's Devon Climate Emergency Team that invites communities across Devon to participate in "a grand collective effort to visualise how the places in which we live might be transformed".


While Kingsbridge is not one of the 6 towns that has been selected to work with one of DCE's commissioned artists, all communities across Devon are invited to participate and come up with their own vision of carbon net-zero.


The project can take any creative form (or many different ones!) and we would love to connect with creatives who may want to collaborate on this great project.


The first step will be to collectively reflect on the 5 themes of the Devon Carbon Plan and consider how Kingsbridge is doing so far, as well as what our obstacles may be.


Watch this space as the project evolves and please contact us to get involved!


You can find out more about the Net Zero Visions Project here

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